Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 Months!

Incredible. There are TWO NUMBERS in his "age."I hate to say it, but my little squishy baby is now a toddler. I'm constantly shocked when I look back at him in the car in his big boy car seat at just how much he looks like a little boy. He's definitely not a baby anymore. He's all over the place and learning something new every single day. I love it.

10 Month Stats:

  • 19.4lb and 29 inches
  • He's wearing 6 month tops and 9 month bottoms with a few 12 monthers thrown in there. As for onesies, he's between 6-12 months. All over the place. 
  • Sleep has been seeing some improvement! He's down to just one nap on most days and is going to sleep pretty consistently around 9pm. It's been anywhere from one to four wakings between then and about 9am.
  • He's still doing great at eating. Fruits are the preferred food, followed by meat (chicken is the favorite of the meats). He's getting much better at getting it all in his mouth, resulting in less mess. I can see us winding down the usage of the bib (but not for a bit more)
  • STILL just the bottom two teeth
  • WALKS! He can go up to 10 or so steps at a time. He always takes at least one step when going somewhere.
  • has really picked up his signing! His top sign is 'milk,' but he can also do 'more', 'eat', 'clean', 'dog', 'duck', 'ball', 'fan', 'light', and is tentative at 'all done'
  • He can squat down, pick something up and stand back up, but he's not been able to just stand from sitting/crawling yet without pulling up on something.
  • has added two words to his vocabulary: "Coco" and "Dada"- both have completely replaced "mama." "Ball" and "Dog" seems to be following close behind.
  • can blow kisses and give kisses
  • loves to high five!
  • knows how to open drawers and cabinets
  • can roll a ball back and forth
  • loves putting stuff in something and then taking it out (repeat over and over again)
  • claps when you sing "If you're happy and you know it..." He stomps occasionally. Nowhere near "Hooray!"- haha!