Monday, September 13, 2010

It's like he knew...

Last night, I hit a wall when it comes to Jeffrey's sleep. After almost 10 months of only a few hours at a time and being kept up later than I would like, I was just done. I told Jony that I couldn't handle it anymore and that I was giving up all nighttime parenting. I just need a break. We decided that all we had left to really try was CIO. We were both severely upset about the decision, but I feel like we had no other options. We weren't going to just throw him in there, so we decided that we'd finish out the night and look into starting tomorrow (tonight). He finally fell asleep about 1pm and slept until....wait for it...9am!?! That, ladies and gentlemen, is the longest that he has ever slept in his entire life. I swear he knew just what we needed. We're going to just continue our bedtime routine as we had now in hopes that maybe we're turning a corner. Now that he's got the walking pretty much down, maybe sleep will be around the corner. After all, it's what happened with Jony!


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