Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Transition

It's becoming very apparent that my little man is beginning to transition into a toddler. He's learning so many new things every day and is becoming super fun to interact with. I just love his little (big) personality. Along with the tiny little steps he can take, he's also showing emotional signs of being a toddler. He's all about exploring and learning how to manipulate, figuring out what causes what and is basically just all over the place. Puzzles are his absolute favorite toy, and he can do the majority of them pretty effectively! He's even begun to be able to do some sorting and can put his little money coins into his pig toy. He's perfected stacking and loves playing with his rings and his blocks. He really loves stacking with all of our tupperware (which he knows where it's kept and will go and get it out of our cabinets in the kitchen). He's always been an independent little man, but I'm seeing less and less "baby" in him as the days pass by. It is sad to admit that those days are long gone, but it's so exciting to see his growth and watch him enjoying learning so much.

Plus, there's really not anything much better than a little boy who's romping about the house exploring that just stops and looks at you to flash you a big grin and blow you a kiss and then continue on his adventure.


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Lil'Misa said...

I love watching Carter play and learn, it is so very interesting. It is amazing how they are turning into little people.

Carter loves to take all his books out and pick his favorite book to read. I love watching him read, it is so cute.