Saturday, September 25, 2010

He likes books!!!


I love reading. I have an English degree. I'm a certified Secondary English teacher; I went to school so that I could instill a love in reading in my students. Only to become a SAHM (which was always the plan) with a boy who doesn't like to read. It hurt my heart. I'd try daily only to have the book slammed shut and pushed aside as he maneuvered himself to get a ball.

Now, my friends, things are changing. He's listening to his bedtime stories (although he won't sit in your lap; he chills out in his crib and plays with his toys while listening). He wants to be read his weekly books every day (I rotate books/toys weekly, although he can get the other books when he wants to). He'll actually sit there and watch me read them to him! He even has started approaching the books and flipping through them on his own! It's so exciting for me!

I'm not sure if he finally just gave in to all my pressure to like books (ha), if signing is impacting it any since I make the signs when I read, or if it was just his time as far as reading goes. I don't care, though, because he likes books. That makes me happy.

Also, on a semi-reading note, this post completes the 30 day Blog Challenge! I believe I took one day over the 6 weeks, but I think I did alright.


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Lil'Misa said...

I was sad when Carter didn't like books too. He started to show interest in books about 2 months ago and now is all about his books. They are his go to toys right now, which makes mama proud!

Pretty soon he will be "reading" on his own, now that will make you happy.