Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Couch to 5K

I made it my goal for 2010 to run a 5K race. Have I done anything to make this happen? Nope. I'm not in horrible shape, so I could potentially make it. It would just not be pretty at all. I for sure would be able to finish it, at least, even if I didn't run the whole way. The thing is- I'd like to be able to run it. I used to be athletic, and I felt good about myself. I'm pretty confident post-child, but I figure that a little boost never hurt anybody.

The issue? The 5K is the first weekend in October. Oops.

Therefore, I'm doing a modified Couch to 5K program. I decided on the Cool Running program since it seems to be highly recommended. Instead of doing it 3x a week, though, I'm going to do it everyday except Sunday. I'm not out to break a speed record, so it's more a matter of endurance. Starting tomorrow, I'll load Jeffrey up in the stroller and hit the park that's near our house for some training. Maybe when I'm done, I'll even let him toddle about the playground for being such a good sport and cheerleader.

I've birthed a child. I should be able to at least jog an entire 5K. Wish me luck!


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Amanda said...

GOod luck! If you're training pushing him in the stroller it should be a breeze to do it without him! You can do it!