Thursday, September 23, 2010

L: Learning

This is a part of myABCs of (my) Parenting series

I'll admit that I'm a hardcore researcher. It's my vice, for sure. Just needed to throw that out there since I'm already trying to figure out what I want to do in terms of schooling for Jeffrey. Such as going to the Open House at or zoned Elementary School today. Yes, at 10 months old. I like to be prepared.

I'm not a big fan of public schools, even though I am a certified teacher. If it were just the teacher (one that actually wants to be there and is trained) in a classroom, it would be fabulous. It's the politics surrounding public education that grind my gears. I'm severely against No Child Left Behind because there is no logic in teaching to the lowest achieving kid in class. How does that help anyone? Teach to the highest! That way, even though that low child might not be at the same point, he'll be higher than he would have been than if he were not expected to do well. Also, I am frustrated with how the day is all about taking a test. In Texas, we have the TAKS test. Gag. Basically, they spend all year learning the do's and don'ts on how to take the test: wording it properly and such. If it were just a test to see where they're performing, that would be great! However, it's obviously not that way. Jony and I are products of public school, and we're alright. However, I firmly believe that my lack of motivation to improve whatever I'm doing is because I was never pushed in school. Didn't need to be. I passed with flying colors on my own.

So, what are the other options? Private school is not in our budget, unfortunately. I doubt we would have considered a religious school which limits the choices a bit, anyways. I am looking at information regarding homeschooling. While it's not my favorite option, I know that I would be able to be an effective guide for my kids. Plus, the flexibility would be nice. There are tons of options for homeschoolers now: co-ops, programs, and even part time schools! So, the socialization aspect is null. I don't believe that he'd turn out to be weird, either, because we'd be homeschooling on the principles of him having a better education and not because of extreme religion or anything like that. There's also a program in our area (in the public schools!) called the Dual Language program. This is something that I haven't looked into much but am VERY interested in. While I'm not so insistent on Jeffrey knowing spanish, these are great programs with the very best teachers in the district. Plus, it's all students who want to learn (as you have to get into the program) with parents who are involved.

I'm going to a BIRTH fair next weekend that will discuss some of the other options- more for the younger ages, though: montessori, waldorf, unschooling, etc. I'm hoping to attend the seminar for that and get some more info. I just want to make sure that we make the best choice for Jeffrey! Education is far too important to just send him to the school he's zoned for with no second thought.


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