Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Darn AF

Today was the day that my colposcopy was scheduled for. Remember how AF showing up was salt in my wounds from the weekend? Well, add a bit more salt because I'm not sure she's even around anymore. J did end up having a long meeting to go to at work, so I guess it's all still for the best. I'm just ready to get it over with and either start dealing with what they find or move on with my life! Ugh! 

Yesterday and tomorrow, however, are great days to keep my mind off of the procedure. On the days that my mom can't do it, I get to babysit my awesome niece! She'll be 2 in January, and we have the best time. As she agrees to, we're best friends. Though, while it's awesome to hang out and play with her (watching her wake up from her nap yesterday was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life), it makes it really hard to wait until January to TTC. I want my own Aly! J and I went to watch her in her little gymnastics class last night, and it's hard to see all those little kids and their parents having the greatest time when I want to be one of them. Soon enough, I guess!

-CD 4: AF?
-77 days until we're TTC!

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