Monday, October 13, 2008

First post

I've noticed that a lot of people have blogs describing their personal TTC process, and I think it would be a great way to express how I'm feeling/going through! The husband can't talk about it all the time, and we're not telling anybody else that we're going to be trying. So, it's either a blog or our dog. Sadly, I don't think Coco cares too much. Here's our story:

J and I met in 6th grade, but we were pretty much acquaintances all through middle school. I developed the most massive crush ever on him right before we started 9th grade. Turns out, he had a crush on me, too, but didn't want to admit it to himself. He'd already decided that he didn't want to date anybody else unless he thought that it could be serious. We became best friends and eventually took the step to dating in the beginning of 11th grade. Fast forward to this August, we got married after dating for almost 6 years!! We always knew that we wanted to have children sooner rather than later. First, both of our parents are quite a bit older than most, and we want our children to have them in their lives as long as possible. Second, both my mom, his mom, and my sister had a lot of problems getting pregant or with their pregnancy, so we wanted to start early just in case there's issues. That brings us to now- we've only been married for a little over 2 months, but we're ready for our first.

I went off of NuvaRing (after only being on it two months) at the end of August to start the regulation process, since I know it can take awhile. Surprisingly, I've already finished my first cycle of 31 days, and I ovulated! I've had extremely irregular periods since I first started menstruating, so both J and I were shocked that the first cycle was so easy. We'll see if that continues! We're going to begin actively trying in January 2009, and if my cycle remains around what it was, then our first ovulation that we'd be trying would be on January 1st. Pretty exciting!

-CD 2: AF
-79 days until we're actively TTC!

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