Friday, October 24, 2008

A Day Off

Since I actually had to work today (I'm a substitute), it gave me a day off from thinking so much about my darn cervix. It was definitly a good thing. Now, as I remember it (still spotting), I feel much stronger about the whole situation. Maybe it's just that time has passed or maybe I'm just starting to cope with the idea, but I feel like I'm in a better place. Granted, I still wish I knew exactly what was up, but I feel like I can fight it, whatever "it" might be. I've done my research and thought and thought about it as much as possible, and I'm ready to go for it. They say that everything that happens to you and that you go through is for a reason, and it's never something that you can't handle. I guess that's right. I'm definitly going to be more vocal about getting annual pap smears and taking care of yourself appropriately- maybe I'll help someone else along the way because of that. Whatever happens, I can handle it. 

-CD 13: colposcopy spotting (ugh) and a HUGE dip (pre-O??)
-68 days until we're TTC
-12 days until our follow-up appointment

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