Monday, October 13, 2008

Up and Down weekend

Let's start with thursday. Woke up, took my temperature. It's the 3rd high temperature in a row- much higher than they had been. So, when I entered it into FF, my crosshairs moved. Of course, they were moved right to where we had enjoyed an "afternoon delight" (as J describes it) the day after the supposed O. Unexpected, since we're avoiding until January, but I got my hopes up nonetheless.

Then, I was woken up friday morning with a phone call from my ob/gyn's office saying that my pap results came back slightly abnormal. So, I scheduled a colposcopy for this wednesday afternoon. Freaked me out, but I got it all figured out so that J could go to the appointment with me. I know that I'll need him, especially if he finds something. The whole day, I can't help but keep thinking that I've got something going on down there (ie- cervical cancer), and I could be pregnant. Great. A big change for one day.

Saturday, I go shopping with a good friend and then J and I go look at some houses (we're looking to buy in a few months). It was a good distraction day. We get home late and I notice I'm spotting, which brings everything to the foreground again. I tell J that it's either the early signs of AF (it was my first cycle off of BC, so I had no idea what my body would do) or could be implantation spotting, even though it was only 5 DPO.

Sunday: It was AF. Horrible cramping. It sucked.

While I'm glad that AF came, and I don't have to worry about being pregnant along with whatever could come up from my procedure, I'm a bit bummed. I allowed myself to get excited that there was the possibility. Salt in the wound? I had to push back my procedure to next tuesday since I'll still be on AF on wednesday, most likely. Ugh. Hopefully, J will still be able to go with me.

-CD 2- AF
-79 days until we're TTC!

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