Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I broke down and called the doctor today to see what my results were. I just couldn't handle the waiting game any longer. The verdict: chronic inflammation. YAY! I would guess that blasted NuvaRing did it since it corresponds perfectly. Good thing we're TTC soon, and I don't have to insert any more hormones into my body. BCPs always made me really sick, depressed, etc. I truly believe I was just not cut out for hormonal birth control. My trusty BBT thermometer will forever be my side from now on. 

In other great news from today, we got pre-approved for a mortgage! We'll meet sometime soon to finalize it all, and then we'll be on a serious look-out for houses. I also have been hanging out (babysitting) my nice a good bit: yesterday, today, quite possible tomorrow, and on friday. I love it. She fights J for my favorite person in the world- it is and will always be a constant battle. I just hope to add some more contenders someday (my own children).

Today= awesome

-CD 18: heading back up to normal tempts (they've been super low) and some EWCM, so possible getting ready to O
-63 days until we're TTC!
-7 days until our follow up appointment, which is now just to discuss actions to end the inflammation and to make sure my cervix healed properly from the biopsies.

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