Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July! We were a matchy-match family today, all in our Old Navy flag tees (in red, white, and blue- we're super cheesy). I was excited for Jeffrey's first Independence Day. I want it to be an important holiday for him and that he truly understands the reasoning behind it all. Not that it's just a day for fireworks. In order for him to be the productive member of society that I hope him to be- one that respects freedom for all and personal choice- it us up to Jony and I to instill how proud he should be of being an American. When he's older, I plan on having fun activities to reinforce those ideas and teaching him about what makes our country a great place to live.

For his first celebration, we headed to work in the church nursery (my new career, haha!) where he got to play with some other red/white/blue dressed children. A good nap and a baked cherry pie later, we headed off to celebrate with family. Dinner and dessert followed by FIREWORKS, of course! Jeffrey passed out right before we were going to start the fireworks; it was 9pm, after all. Still early for him, but it was a long eventful day. He slept for about 45 minutes (outside, with the fireworks going on right in front of him- he's a rock star) until a firecracker went wonky and woke him up. I'm glad it did because he had a fantastic time! He'd watch them go in the sky and just stare upwards. He loved them. He had this funny little blinking thing that he would do with every boom, but he wasn't afraid at all. He's our Mr. Fearless.

It was a great day and I'm hoping that, after such a long day with not a whole lot of napping, it will be a great night...

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