Friday, July 30, 2010


The TransAtlantic Blonde has started a new segment on Feminist Moms, and it really made me think about how I define myself. I am quite feminist, although you probably won't find me at a rally or anything. I do have very firm beliefs about women and equality, though.

This probably comes as a bit of a shock from a woman who got married right out of school (thus moving from the parents house to the sorority house to living with my husband), had a baby relatively quickly, and is now a stay at home mom. None of that sounds very "go women!", I realize this. The thing is, though, that it was all my choice. Nobody had any say in how I've wanted to live my life, and they know better than to think that they would (especially my husband!). That's just how I want to live my life. I think that's the basis of my "feministic" thoughts. Every woman deserves a choice and should live according to how SHE wants to live.

In saying all of that, I am extremely independent. Although I may depend primarily on my husband for finances, I'm still involved in every single decision that impacts our family. Sometimes, I'm even the primary decision holder. I have a fabulous husband who respects me and what I'm doing for our family and does not see me as someone who cooks the dinner, cleans the house, and cares for the child. Good thing, too, because I am no Suzy Homemmaker. In any way. Our marriage is absolutely a partnership.

 I was raised to always take care of myself and have done just that, even though I know that I have a husband   can depend on (and do). For example, it was extremely important to me to get an education. Although I may not "use" my degree (if you're one who defines using it as merely having a job, which I do not), I wanted that piece of paper for my own personal satisfaction. In fact, most everything I do is for my own personal achievement. It is in this regards that I consider myself a part of the feminist movement.


Melaina25 said...

Great post!

You are absolutely right, at the heart of feminism is choice. The feminist movement began with women's rights to choose a political candidate back in Seneca Falls and choice is still important today.

People often wrongly assume that women like yourself and myself are not feminists because they stereotype feminists to looks like something we are not. Feminists come in all shapes and sizes--there is no mold. We all choose what and who we want to be!

Thanks for taking part!

Janelle said...

yes! i agree too! feminsism isn't about 'man-bashing' and being a lesbian, it's about choices and rights. you can chose to get married or not, you can chose to have kids or not, you can chose to work, go to uni, and bascially just live your life without being discriminated against because of your gender. feminism in the noughties... I think just as we are reaping the benefits from the women who went before us such as voting etc, what we do now will impact on how our daughters and grand-daughters will live. Time to take it to the next level.