Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm free!!!

As of Thursday, I am officially rid of the part time job. Yay! It was really starting to interfere with Jeffrey and my schedule as he gets older and wants to get out and do stuff, as well as just getting really annoying. I was a Circuit Trainer at a local Curves, and they shut down. I hadn't planned on working past the summer anyways, so that worked out pretty well for me. I'm so thrilled with all my newfound freedom.

  • freedom to do whatever I want/whenever I want during the week without the constraints of having to be back to make it to work on time
  • freedom to not have to pump (unless I'm going somewhere fun!)! This is a big one.
  • freedom from having my mom and MIL over all the time to babysit so that we feel bad to utilize them to go on dates.
  • freedom from hearing outdated and unsolicited advice from old ladies who are completely opposite of how I'm raising my child. This would definitely be the one that takes the cake!
I'm really getting 'busy' with my new gig at my church's nursery and will be working the majority of Sundays, so I'm not officially out of the working force. It's kind of the best of both worlds. Sort of. The paycheck is not something to smack in someone's face, haha.

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