Sunday, February 15, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I can't believe how busy I've been these last few days. For one, I actually worked 4/5 days last week- amazing! That, along with the housework that will never end, kept me pretty darn busy. I don't even know the last time I was on GP. I guess that was my AF break to give me some time to adjust to this new cycle. But, AF has bid herself adieu, so I'm ready to make a baby in cycle 3! J seems to be on board with having more planned sex this cycle in hopes of making our last shot at a 2009 baby count. We were even getting excited about having ourselves a little turkey (J said that he would prefer a human, lol). 

This past weekend was busy. Imagine that. We're hosting a surprise birthday party for my mom next weekend at our farm- the big 60! So, J and I met my sister's family (including my super awesome niece who now completely prefers J to me...blah) to do some work that needed to be done. We're going back up there Thursday for the last minute preperations, but there's a lot that had to be done. We came back Saturday afternoon, though, for a couples V-Day party with some good friends. We played some 'Dirty Minds' and Battle of the Sexes- good times. Today, it was back to the old routine of painting. We are getting SO close to being finished with our dining/living room! Our goal is to finish and get it all set up by this weekend so that my uncle (who's coming in for a surprise for my mom) can see it looking like an actual house when they come see the new digs. Plus, if we can get it finished, we won't be exhausted like we have been around potential O time! Double positives.

I've got tomorrow off, so it's painting and lounging (GP) time for me!

-CD 5: some spotting in the AM- all clear in the PM. She's GONE!

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