Sunday, February 8, 2009

My First Time

I went to my first baby shower while TTC tonight. Granted, I'm not a frequent attender of baby showers, so it just so happened to fall in the timing of when we're trying. It's a friend of both of ours from middle/high school, and she looks so good! She's so small for 33 weeks- not really in her belly, but she hasn't gained weight anywhere else it seems. Oh, except for her boobs, as her brother pointed out (HAHA!). I just kept getting tiny jealous bouts and thinking how exciting it will be when it's my turn. It was a couples shower, so J went through the same things. We were kind of shocked that she didn't know what anything was when she opened it. J said, "Even I knew what that stuff was!" Granted, he's extremely involved in my niece's life (as am I, obviously), so that helps us understand. We both just figured that someone about to go into birth next month (3/27) would have done some research by now. We did end up removing one our names from our girl name list as a result. We had heard rumors that she was choosing it, but it was affirmed tonight- Bridgette (we would have spelled it Bridget). We're not too bummed. It wasn't one of our favorites in any capacity, and it had a crapload of negative votes on our BabyNames voting poll. 

In other news, our kitchen is done!! YAY! It was seriously the highlight of my year so far to have those words said to me. Also, I was hating myself today (apparently) and googled "severe cramps at 4 DPO" and got way too many indications for implantation cramps. I completely regret doing that now. At least I'm halfway through the 2ww. Last cycle was so much easier with the holidays.

-CD 34: 7 DPO

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