Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marathon, Day 2

J and I agreed a few days ago to go on a sex marathon. Not a one day/weekend marathon type thing, but just sex at least once a day for a while. We're doing it for a multitude or reasons. 1) It definitily doesn't hurt the TTC process. 2) We feel it will help us connect on a deeper level, such as the 40 day challenge suggests. 3) Purely an experiement: how long can it last? In jest, I think we should go for 26 days (one mile a day in marathon terms). Since we started last night, that would put us to March 22. However, if one of us starts to resent it, then we'll stop. The only thing that J doesn't feel comfortable about is the possibility of having sex during AF, which we don't do. Hopefully, that won't be an issue, though. We've got at least a week or two until O, so we'll start from there!

-CD 15
-Marathon: Day 2

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