Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have ovulated. Woo-hoo! So, now I'm 3 DPO and testing on the 14th, which also happens to be Valentine's Day, if you didn't know. I had some pretty hardcore ovulation pain this month, so that's exciting (I guess). I'm just so happy right now that I've got some crosshairs AND I'm not feeling the same crampiness that I did last cycle around this time (and throughout the 2ww). Those were punks, getting me all excited. I guess I have moved on from the Cycle 1 excitement. Tonight, we're heading to a nice dinner to celebrate J's parents' 29th wedding anniversary. We made them a new version of their wedding album, and we're pretty stoked to give it to them. We took their old one, which was fading and completely falling apart, about a month before our wedding (July 08) to scan/make copies to display at the actual wedding. What they did not know was that we did this for all of their pictures (there's only like 15) and made them a digital photo book from Shutterfly.  It came out great. We've been holding it hostage for 5 months!! Now, let's hope we can find it amidst our boxes of clutter. Yeah, we haven't unpacked yet. Getting closer to that point, though. We got our granite today!

-CD 30: 3 DPO

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