Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh geez...

First off, I love the word "geez." It makes me laugh every time I hear/say it. 

I woke up this morning and temped- there was a bit of a drop, but it's still above the coverline. No big deal. I had 45 more minutes to sleep, though, before I had to get up for work. I always have to pee after I take my temp (which is annoying). The last few days, when I pee, I've been feeling what seems to be ovulation pain in my right ovary, which I felt again this morning. THEN, they came. Out of the freaking blue, I had major cramps. MAJOR. I crawled back into bed and tried the fetal position to calm them down. It worked to a certain extent until I would move again. I tried getting ready for work, since I figured I could handle it for only 3 hours (a half day today), but I got super dizzy and felt like I was going to throw up as soon as I stood up. So, I had to call in. J got me some Tylenol Extra Strength (no advil for me in the 2ww!) and that seems to have done the trick for the most part. I wish I'd taken it from when they first started, though, so I could have gone to work. Oh well. I'm still getting painful twinges here and there, but nothing I can't handle (as in, I can walk now).  

So, what the crap?!? I'm only 4 DPO (maybe 5, but that's still early). Why am I having these awful cramps? I have not started AF- I was thinking that maybe I did O when I had the massive amounts of EWCM even if my temps didn't rise dramatically. Even then, I'd only be 9 DPO. I was doing so good at not over-analyzing this cycle! Ugh!

-CD 31: 4 DPO w/ a temp drop and cramps

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