Monday, March 19, 2012

33 weeks!

I almost let this one slip me by- even with an e-mail reminding me. I'm obviously suffering from a major case of pregnancy brain, although I'm not going to let the toddler slip by that easily, either. He's the one driving me to insanity.

As for my sweet, easy (for now) boy, we are doing pretty good! I'm feeling way better since starting to see the chiropractor, so I'm so glad that I finally just bit the bullet and made that appointment. I'm so impressed with the care I'm receiving and the results that I'm getting. I'm having a bit of pelvis pain, but there's a lot going on down there as we near these last few weeks of being pregnant. This weekend was a bit scary, though. I started feeling super crampy and even had a few contractions. After a bit of research, I came to the conclusion that I was dehydrated. So, I started downing some water and forced myself to stay on the couch for most of Sunday (except for church, where I still just sat there) and am now feeling much better. For a little bit there, I was concerned that he wanted to make his exit as I felt very similar to when Jeffrey dropped. It was somewhat reassuring that I didn't deliver until three weeks later after that with him but not very. I'm pretty sure that I have to be 36 weeks to have my home birth- something I should verify at my appointment this weekend.

I'm starting to get the "that's so soon!" comments, especially as March comes to an end, which is really exciting to me. I'm nervous about how the dynamic of our family will change at first, but I'm super anxious for having my little newborn baby boy. There are so many fears surrounding the birth of your first child, and I just don't have those this time. I just have the new fears surrounding that same first child, lol! I'm fairly certain that he's going to be a fantastic big brother, though. He even wanted to poke the baby out today (he went with me to the chiropractor- ha!) and picked some flowers for him from the front yard. So sweet.

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