Saturday, March 24, 2012

Utilizing the Weekend

As the amount of weekends we have until Gavin is born gets smaller and smaller, we're having a hard time finding some balance. On one hand, the weekends are the best use of time to get all of the stuff finished that we need to do around the house (our to do list is frustratingly long). On the other hand, we want to still do fun stuff on the weekends since it's our last ones as a little family of three. We're trying to do something special with Jeffrey every weekend, especially in April. Today, Jony and I are actually going on a date to see The Hunger Games. I'm venturing to guess that it will be our last alone time out on the town for awhile!

I really wish that we didn't have so much stuff to do, so that we could fully use our weekends to relax and have fun together. I guess I'm hoping that by really focusing over the next two weekends, we can get most of it done and use the last few weeks to just be a family.

Our (unattainable) goals for this weekend:
-declutter and clean the master bedroom (already started)
-declutter the bathroom (finished!)
-fill the old curtain holes in the nursery
-arrange the furniture in the nursery/attach front of crib
-hang shelves in our bedroom
-put in the garden border
-final tweaks for the garden's watering system
-clear out the tree that was cut down for us since it's dead :(


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