Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Cracked

Yesterday was my chiropractor's appointment. I had back pain and such with Jeffrey, but I was able to rest more often and not squatting/bending over/picking up 30lbs all the time. Plus, I just figured that pregnancy=pain. This time, though, it's been so much more severe. So, I finally bucked up a few weeks ago and called to make an appointment. Something had to be done so that I would at least feel like I was trying to fix it. I'd always been super intrigued by the concept of a chiropractor (my lower back has always felt pain, even not pregnant), so I finally had my chance. I'm sold. The detail and thoroughness that she went through all the questions and diagnostic testing was more than I've ever had done. The machines were super impressive, and she was so good about talking me through everything that she was doing. There's no way I would have been able to tell anything from what she was having me do, but she certainly did. Perfectly, too. I was in awe every time she'd point somewhere and ask if that's where I was experiencing pain. Dead on. Every time.

It turns out that I definitely needed to make an appointment, so I'll probably be going there quite a bit from here on out. My neck is all out of whack and there is major curvage in my lower spine (might even be scoliosis, but I obviously can't get an X-ray to find out. It may be why I always have back pain, though). She also found that my pelvis was a little misaligned which could potentially get worse and impact baby positioning. So, I had my adjustments done. It was interesting, for sure, and super strange to hear so much popping coming from my neck and back. I felt some immediate relief, though. A few hours later, I could feel some pain reemerging, but it's nowhere as severe as it was. She already warned me that it'll probably take a few adjustments to get things back to normal, so I had low expectations. Nighttime was SO much better, though. I wasn't in horrible pain whenever I needed to turn over, and I slept so much harder. That alone makes it worth it, since that was my biggest complaint. I'll be back Thursday morning for her to reevaluate how everything did and for another adjustment.

Overall, I'm so glad that I went (and even more glad that it's all covered by insurance!). I can see myself really utilizing it and overcoming any pains I may come across, instead of just telling myself to deal with it. Sounds amazing.

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