Friday, March 9, 2012

Keeping the Wetness Outside, hopefully...

Jeffrey has been pretty awesome with going to the bathroom on his own while he's naked. He has an accident here and there, but they're very rare. So, since we're having a very low key weekend at home this weekend, we're going to bust out the briefs for constant use (except sleeping) and see how it goes! It hasn't gone over well before since he just thinks it's like a diaper, but I think he'd get it after a few times. We've just never had that much time to devote to it. It's supposed to be pretty rainy this weekend, which stinks that we can't utilize the backyard at all or take a quick trip to the park, but we're going for it. We don't have many free weekends, so I'm taking it as a sign!

He is going with me to the church nursery on Sunday (I work there), so that could be interesting. I think it'll work out, though, since I'll still be right there. I just fear him letting loose during Children's Moment, when we're actually IN church- lol!

Wish us luck!

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