Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Good Effort

We had a pretty successful two days, but we just didn't make enough progress to push through the stress it was starting to cause Jeffrey. He kept forgetting that he needed to think about it when he has something on (as opposed to naked), so he'd catch himself as he started to pee and then get on the potty. Since he was having so many accidents, we were trying to catch them before they occurred. Meanwhile, all parties involved were just working way too hard. I'd give everyone an A for effort, but we're going to step back again and try in another month or so. He was so excited to run around naked after dinner (although, he did manage to say dry from nap until then- about 4 hours) and actually peed twice and pooped completely on his own. You could just see his pride built back up after every time. He really loves going on the potty, so I think he was getting really dissapointed in himself. Poor kid. I have no doubts that a few more days of staying on top of it would get the job done, but it doesn't seem worth it. There are a lot of cons to potty training! So, for now, we'll just do as we have been doing (diapers out of the house, naked at home) and do the brief thing again some other time.

In other news, Gavin's room is all painted! I love it and think it looks amazingly awesome. The tape comes down tomorrow, and we're going to clean the carpets and then put up the decals over the next few days. Expect pictures sometime next week :)

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