Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Friday Musings

  1. I have a prenatal massage scheduled for Wednesday, and I'm SO excited. I didn't have one with Jeffrey, so I promised myself that I would get one this time. How easy is it going to be after I have two little ones to get some good calming time like that? Not so much. My chiro highly recommended getting one, as well, so that helped give me the little push I needed. Since she advised it, I get part of it paid by insurance. Sweet.
  2. I'm starting to get pretty uncomfortable, which is unfortunate since it's still pretty early. I have this ridiculous fear of going into labor too early, even though I've had no real reason to think so. I have been having BH quite frequently, but I did last time around this time, as well. I guess it's just because they're a little stronger than I remember, although they still don't hurt. I'll relax on this when we hit 36 weeks. 
  3. Sleep has been rough, but it's still not horrible. I can't understand why the snoogle isn't helping me as much as it did last time! Although, I'm pretty sure I was already sleeping in the recliner at this point with Jeffrey. I don't feel the need to stay upright just yet.
  4. We've started using some ideas from the Love and Logic approach and have seen some great results. He's never been a bad kid and very rarely throws a tantrum, but we wanted him to understand his limits and try to minimize some whining. We've seen success in both areas. 
  5. Jeffrey knows which shoe goes on which foot now. Sometimes, he doesn't quite figure it out until he has a shoe all the way on, but he always corrects himself. 
  6. He's also started to get way into storytime. He used to enjoy it, but he just sat in the back or near me and watched all the other kids. This past week, he was up in the front and doing all of the action. He didn't want to leave after the craft and told me that "Storytime is my favorite; I don't want to go to my house"
  7. He's graduated from eating a piece of bread folded over for his sandwich to a full out "big sandwich." Sandwiches are, by far, his favorite food. 
  8. All of Gavin's clothes are washed and put away! Next week, I just need to start on washing all of the baby items and stuff that has to be done on an individual basis. It feels good to have that checked off the list! 
  9. Our birth pool liner and Gavin's newborn photo hat arrived this week, so it's all becoming real!
  10. Jony's been reading the Harry Potty series, so we've been watching the movies together at night after he finishes each book. I've really been enjoying the time together. I really look forward to our calm evenings after Jeffrey goes to bed. Only a few more weeks of that precious time!

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