Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Day of Nothing!

These don't come around too often, and I'm pretty sure it's the last time it's going to be here for awhile (unless you consider those first few days after the baby is born...). Jony is, of course, working on our to-do list most of the day, but it's all stuff that he wants to do. It's so nice to have zero obligations and be able to just enjoy the day. For him, that means keeping busy. For me, it means being extremely lazy. I am helping with my portions of the to-do list, but that only involves getting up every hour to replace an item in the washing machine ;) Jeffrey is getting some good bonding time with his daddy and is outside getting dirty, so it's a pretty awesome day for him, as well.

It's very likely that, by the end of this low key day, we're going to have the garden border put in, the garden mulched, shelves hung in our bedroom, curtains hung in Jeffrey's room, all of the baby items washed and put away and, potentially, even get the headboard put on our bed! Lots of things checked off of the list, which gets smaller and smaller every day! A good thing since we'll be gone next weekend for Easter and then full term will sneak up pretty quickly on us.

Hope everyone else gets to have a super relaxing day!

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