Monday, April 2, 2012

35 weeks!

Gavin is growing big and healthy, but I can't say I'm much of a fan of 35 weeks right now. I took it super easy this weekend while Jony was home and felt fine, but I'm back to feeling some contractions again today. Still not painful, but I can tell that they're occurring. I'm fairly certain they're just strong BH, but you can never really be sure. Sleep has gotten horrific. As soon as I lay down, my back starts throbbing. Moving from one side to the other is pretty much like stabbing myself in the hips. Unfortunately, we don't own the recliner that was my lifeline when I got to this point with Jeffrey. Any tips? The Snoogle is pretty much crap this pregnancy, and I'm bummed.

The worst thing, though? We saw traces of termites in the window sill of our bedroom last night. Freaking termites. In the very room where our baby is supposed to be born in about 35 days. I'm really not sure that there could be worse timing. We've got four inspections scheduled to come out, and I'm really hoping for good news. Thankfully, research shows that they're super slow moving, so I imagine that we don't have to rip any walls out (if we even do- let's hope not) before the birth. It's probably going to be ridiculously expensive to have it all treated, so that sucks. Just when you're commenting on how comfortable we are with this baby's birth financially, life laughs at you. Sigh.

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