Friday, April 27, 2012

A Lazy Day

Our life and schedule have been a whirlwind lately, so I decided that we were going to take the day off today. Neither of us have gotten dressed, and we've just been lazy and lounging around. There's been lots of TV, but it's been nice. I'm not allowing myself to feel guilty today. The likelihood of us getting to have a day just cuddling around together with nothing else to worry about happening again in the near future? Pretty slim. So, we're taking advantage of it! I imagine it's not going to hurt me to have a good day of rest, should this baby choose to arrive soon. Since our to-do list is about finished, it'll be a pretty relaxing weekend, as well. It'll be good to just soak in what is probably going to be our last weekend of a family of three. We have a company picnic tomorrow, and Jeffrey should have a blast there. He's been loving his special "Big Brother" days. Last night was the members only night at the zoo, and he had SO much fun. We got to see the Dinosaurs exhibit for free, and, of course, he was super enthralled. He was scared of one of them, but it wasn't the huge and loud T-Rex. Strange child, lol. I cannot wait to take him on his first special Big Brother day when he's actually a big brother. :)

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