Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Wrong Direction

I had been doing so good about continually dropping/limiting TV time. It got to be so much of a crutch while I was nauseous and exhausted in 1st tri while Jony was working out of town, and it got out of hand. Jeffrey far prefers to watch TV than to play a good portion of the time, and I'm not comfortable with that. Since I'd been feeling so much better, things were getting back to our pre-pregnancy normal. It's all gone backwards in the past week since I've been so lethargic and trying to take it easy due to all of my BHs. I guess I should accept it since it'll probably be like that for the first few weeks after the baby is born. Mommy guilt, though. It is some powerful stuff!

Next week, though, when I reach that 36 week milestone, I'm putting him to work right alongside me. No TV for him- all cleaning ;)

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Eclipsed said...

I go through the same thing. I'll let her watch a little TV, in the morning when I'm tired and trying to get breakfast on the table, but I usually try to have her out and about during the day. I try and save movies for rainy days. It's tough though, because it works and it's so convenient!