Friday, April 13, 2012

Fixing the House

You may recall that we remodeled our bathroom last year- finished it right before Jeffrey's birthday in November. The last step that we needed to was to call someone in to refinish the bathtub. Well, we finally got that done today! Our house smells now, but I'm so glad that we finally got it taken care of. Now, we'll have a bathtub that we can use for the baby, and Jeffrey is stoked to finally take a bath will all of his toys! He's been taking showers with us since last April! He loves his showers, and it's convenient enough that we'll probably still do that most of the time for the next few months. Once Gavin is big enough, though, it's joint bath time for the boys!

We also have our appointment all set up to take care of the termites that we found lurking in our bedroom window sill the other week- this upcoming Thursday. While I'm not looking forward to shelling out all that cash, I'm glad that we're going to get those nasty bugs dead before the birth of our child (hopefully...still counting on a  May baby!).

With these two things (practically) marked off of our To-Do list, we're starting to feel really good about our progress! All we have left is to put our new bed frame together, hang the shelves in Gavin's room and then super clean the house! There are a few art projects for Jeffrey, as well, but those aren't super crucial and can also be done in those two weeks that Jony will be home after the baby. Might be a good idea for him to have something fun to do, anyways.

It's going to be a crazy and hectic weekend around here in which nothing will get done around the house, so I'm glad that we have such little to do. Although, I'm not sure anyone would classify the cleaning as little...

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