Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

I'm just finishing up packing up all the clothes, toys, blankets, pillows and food that we're going to need so that ,as soon as Jony gets home from work and the tiny guy wakes up from his nap, we are off on our last trip before the arrival of the itty bitty one. My parents bought a farm almost fifteen years ago for weekends just like this. My entire family (I'm one of four kids) is going to be there, so it should be a great holiday. We haven't all been together since the Christmas after Jeffrey was born! Times sure have changed since then. My mom is thrilled and really looking forward to getting a good family photo while we're there.

With our ever extending family, the house that was there was quickly outgrown. So, this past year has been construction and renovation. It's been almost finished for a few months now, but the contractors are officially gone now, leaving us with a farm that is 3x the size that it was. It really is a fantastic getaway that's only two hours away. I'm really looking forward to a very lazy weekend while my little boy has the time of his life. He loves playing outside and LOVES playing with my niece, so I probably won't see him all weekend except when I'm sitting on the porch. It's surreal to think that we'll be bringing our two boys up with us the next time we head this way.

Oh, and we are taking the infant car seat with us. Just in case :)

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