Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Special Day

We're trying to fully utilize our last weekends of a family of three, so we've got some fun activities planned for the next few weeks. We told Jeffrey that today was one of his special "big brother days" to celebrate him becoming a big brother. He was pretty excited about it, and we had a really fun day. It started with his first trip to the Museum of Natural Science with the intent of seeing the dinosaurs (which we're fully closed for the renovation, much to our surprise) and the butterflies. He LOVED the butterfly exhibit, and, out of the three of us, they landed only on him. He was walking around in awe, pointing to them and saying "look! Beautiful!" and just fully enjoying himself. Jony and I found it pretty neat, as well, since it's been years since we've been there. He was also pretty into the chemistry part of the museum, the animal exhibit, and a giant clam. After lunch and a short nap at home, we spent the afternoon at a Gymboree birthday party. Cupcakes, juice, and running around like a crazy fool? That's a great time for the little guy. Tomorrow will be a bit more laid back since we need to get the house cleaned and ready for the birth/postpartum (aka- not wanting to clean the house). We have our home visit in the afternoon, so he'll have fun with that since he loves having visitors. Next weekend, we'll be going to Zoobilee! on Thursday and then a company family picnic at a ranch on Saturday. At least, that's the current plan :)

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