Monday, April 30, 2012

39 Weeks!

My baby is due next week. After today, I can just say Monday when I'm asked. Or the 7th, since it'll actually be May. Apparently, using the date for a month that we're not in, even if it's the next 7th on the calendar, is confusing for some people. If this pregnancy ends similar to Jeffrey's (and I'm guessing that it will), this will be my last weekly pregnancy post! Save for a company picnic on Saturday, we spent the weekend doing all of the last minute preparations for the tiny guy's arrival. There's still a little bit left to do, but we got the nursery finished up (including the art that Jeffrey did for Gavin- adorable) and the major cleaning accomplished. Basically, we just need to pick up in the living room. That's a pretty impossible feat, though. It's amazing how toys just reappear all over the floor! Plus, Jeffrey will be playing during the birth, so it's not a huge deal. It feels pretty amazing to have everything marked off of our baby to-do list. Last thing? Insert baby. My contractions are for sure picking up- averaging about every 10 minutes. Some are closer and some are farther apart. Some only last about 20 seconds, and some go on for about a minute. It's all a guess since I haven't started timing anything. It's pointless when I know that this could go on for days. Oh, wait. It has been. Sigh. They're not painful, although some of them make me stop what I'm doing until it's over. I have to admit that my biggest fear is not realizing that actual labor has kicked in. I had no idea with Jeffrey and don't know when I would have realized it, if not for having my 39 week appointment that day. Our current joke is that our midwife will tell me that I am in our appointment tonight. Since we're having a home birth, it wouldn't be a major disaster. I want to use the birth pool, though! Jeffrey and I have a super busy week, so it'll be interesting to see what we actually end up doing!


Renae said...

I know how you feel about not knowing when your in labor. That is what happened with my first. I had an appointment that day, my doctor noticed I was contracting and I told her they weren't painful so I wasn't keeping track of them (I had went to the hospital twice for false alarms and was determined not to do it again). She did an internal and said 'uh.. you're 4 cm!' I'm terrified I'll be having this baby in the car!

Good luck this week! Can't wait to "meet" your newest family member!

Kristin said...

Best of luck! I can't wait to see baby Gavin!