Monday, January 9, 2012

23 Weeks!

Another week has gone by! I can hardly believe it. Baby Gavin is really starting to move a lot more frequently, and Jeffrey even got to feel him move for the first time! He was a little unsure of what had happened, but he was super interested. He even got kicked in the back while sitting in my lap yesterday, which he wasn't so much a fan of. The biggest pregnancy news is probably that Jeffrey has accepted that he's going to have a brother and absolutely understands what's happening (currently- no idea what the future holds!). He loves coming up to me, pulling my shirt up, and screaming to Baby Gavin. He also likes to show him all of his toys. It's pretty adorable. A big sibling moment for me was hearing him tell me that he "loves Baby Gavin."

In actual pregnancy related such, I've ditched the snoogle. It just didn't seem to be helping me, and I was waking up with an achy back. Seemed backwards, especially with how crucial it was with Jeffrey. It's made such a great impact going back to a regular pillow. I do have a little heart pillow that I put underneath the belly. Now that that issue is fixed, I'm feeling great. I cannot seem to eat enough, and I actually gained 4lbs in the last month! Such a difference than where I was two-three months ago! I'm thrilled to be in the amazing part of pregnancy.

Had a midwife appointment yesterday, and all is well. We discussed a few things about having an anterior placenta to ensure that he's in the best position for birth, but we'll go into it more once I'm in the third trimester. For now, it's time to up my walking and get my exercise on! Next visit in a month.

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