Monday, January 30, 2012

26 Weeks!

As the second trimester starts coming to an end, I'm beginning to feel some of those third tri symptoms moving on in. I've already been dealing with hip pain (which is usually kept at baby if my pillow cooperates with me at night), but now I'm entering the domain of sleep issues and frequent bathroom trips. For one, Gavin has found my bladder and particularly enjoys jumping on it. My trips to pee have become quite frequent, especially at night. Being pregnant and being one of those people who has to feel completely void of pee doesn't really work together very smoothly. To continue his jumping practice, he loves bouncing off of the bed. When I have to sleep on my side, this can cause some issues! Thankfully, his movements are not so pronounced that they hurt or really bother me, but they do distract me and keep me awake. Other than that, I'm feeling really good! It's starting to sort of sink in how quickly May is coming up, and I continuously have to remind myself that we don't even have the month of May since I'm due on the 7th. Yikes.

I just realized that I'm in double digits! This baby is on his way, for sure.

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