Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project Big Boy Room: Update 2

Not a terrible amount has been done in the new room since last week. The weekend was a bit hectic, and there were other things that needed to be taken care of more immediately. I'm still feeling pretty good about our progress thus far, but there are no updated pictures as of yet. More of the room is cleared out, and the huge bookshelf is set to evacuate this weekend (which will be another wash since we're going out of town; oh well). Besides the baseboards, it is completely painted! Jeffrey loves his green wall and asked for the other walls to be green, as well. Poor guy. He'll be alright when we get some more color on those white walls (he'll be providing a good portion of the decorations, although he's unaware of this fact currently). Painting has taken a little longer than we planned because, of course, the previous owners did a crappy job. We're basically having to sand all of the baseboards since they have paint drips and dog hairs all painted on them. Lovely. PSA: Do not DIY if you cannot DIY.

A big portion of our weekend was a trip to IKEA (which is only 15 minutes away- yay for big cities!) to get the stuff for Jeffrey's closet. We were able to find exactly what we were looking for (The Stuva system, if you're interested). PLUS, we found a bookshelf that will work perfectly in his room in the "As Is" section that we always have to check out before we actually check out. We got it cheaper for the cost of building one, and we don't have to use the time to build one- major score! We also found a head/foot board for our own bed for dirt cheap, which was also pretty exciting. A great IKEA day.

We're in the final design stages for the rest of the furniture that we'll be building (honesty: Jony will be building), so we'll hopefully be making a trip to Lowes next week to buy all the lumber and miscellaneous items that we'll need. That, finishing the painting, and buying a twin mattress are all on the agenda for the next week!

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