Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Big Boy Room: Update 4

We didn't get it all accomplished, but we did a pretty dang good job this past week! Jony basically had to rewire the room since the previous owners were dumb, so that ended up taking a pretty good chunk of the weekend. He got it all done, though, and it works/looks great! I'm excited that it's a finished room, so it's just about the furniture and decorations from this point on. We're pretty certain we're looking at being finished in the next two weeks or so. Good thing, too, because we have a 2 year old who is super upset that he cannot stay in his new room yet. He loves the green wall, the bookcase, his new drawers, and, most of all, his big boy bed. It seems we should have a pretty easy transition!

What we got accomplished:
-painting is finished
-ceiling fan is replaced
-wiring is all updated; there are now 2 switches for the fan/light on the ceiling fan
-outlets were replaced with tamper proof ones (some of which also required some rewiring work- sigh)
-closet drawers were installed
-bookcase was installed
-blinds were hung back up
-mattress was purchased
-all non Jeffrey room related items were moved out of the room, finally
-steam cleaned carpet

Our goal for the next week is basically all on Jony- buy the wood and assemble the furniture (bed, nightstand and desk). Maybe even start priming and painting? Doubt it, though.

And now, some pictures...

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