Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Big Boy Room: Update 3

This week has been a bust. With the combination of being out of town over the weekend and just craziness since we've been home, the progress is minuscule. Thankfully, we should be able to play catch up this coming weekend. Even though not much has been done in there, it looks a lot better since we got our huge bookcase out of their and up to my parents' farm. There's still some random crap in there, but what can you do? The baseboards have been prepped and sanded after the shoddy previous owners work, so it'll probably be painted tonight, along with the second coat on the rest of the trim. A second coat on the baseboards tomorrow night will mark the end of painting! We do have the plans all made up and designed for the furniture, so everything is set for a trip to Lowes to buy the wood.

Our goals this week are to: 1) finish the painting; 2) replace the fan; 3) move the new bookcase into the room; 4) put together closet system; 5) buy a twin mattress; and 6) buy all the necessary wood.

If we can get farther than that, then that would be fabulous :) Maybe it will be exciting enough for pictures next week!

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