Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's Get Started

I realized the other night that, at this point with Jeffrey, we were already starting to prepare for his birth. I had just switched OBs and was researching and learning all that I could about the whole process. Well, when I can barely even remember that I'm even pregnant, that's clearly not happening. I'm not stressed at all about giving birth since I know I'll have the complete support that I need at home, but I should work on getting my body in gear again. So, with just about 15 weeks to go, I've started doing the Bradley exercises again. It's not like it's that much work for me; heck, they even feel good! I'm focusing on squatting more than bending over, and I need to get to walking again (more). Thankfully, I have the added benefit of a 2 year old helping me prep, which is probably more than I need! It's fun to do something in preparation for the actual baby since most of our efforts are going towards Jeffrey/his new room. Gavin may be getting all hand-me-downs, but at least I'm giving him some exercise time "with" me!

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