Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here's to 2012!

New Year's Eve was a blast. Jeffrey was a party animal (per usual) and had no issue staying up, eating, and playing until the big event of the new year! He loved the fireworks and got some good color practice by telling everyone what color each one was, lol! He got to wear his new shoes, which he was super pumped about. I'm pretty sure he showed them to everyone at the party multiple times. He looked like such a little boy, which made my heart happy and sad. It was a great send off to the 2011 and a wonderful welcome to 2012.

We've started off the year nice and busy- working in Jeffrey's new room. We've gotten quite a bit accomplished in there, although you can't really tell. Jony has one more day of vacation (bummer), so we've got a few more things to cross off. Then, I plan to fill you all in. Finishing his room, Gavin's room, and then replacing the floor in the entire house is on our list of house goals for 2012. We were looking into doing the floors in the next month or so, but we've decided to hold off so that we don't drive ourselves crazy. May isn't that far away, after all.

As for personal goals, I'm hoping to improve my abilities as a housewife. It shouldn't be too hard, seeing as how I pretty much suck at it. Jony would accept any improvement, I'm sure! I've armed myself with a de-clutter calendar for the year and bought a program from Motivated Moms, since I love checklists. I'm hoping that having tiny tasks to do each day will keep me motivated to actually do it. Plus, the tasks are minimal enough that I can (mainly) keep track of them post-Gavin's exit.

It should be a fantastic year: Gavin, lots of house changes, Jeffrey starts MDO, life just keeps getting better :)

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