Friday, January 20, 2012

I thought it was supposed to be easier?

You know, the whole "been there done that" type thing? I've already been pregnant. I know what too expect. My hips have already done the big change. So, why is it that this pregnancy seems to be harder than the first one? I'm suspecting it has to do with the fact that I have a toddler and don't rest as much, but it's hard to forget that I was working 12 hour days while pregnant with Jeffrey- as a substitute and circuit trainer, so mainly on my feet. Lately, I'm leaning towards the reasoning that this little boy may be more like his mama. A bit difficult, stubborn and a ton independent. Jeffrey is the splitting image/personality of his father, so it only makes sense, right? Now, I'm not going to say that it's been a rough pregnancy. That would be a lie; it's just been harder. My back started hurting much earlier, I've been having some MAJOR hip pain, he gets in these crazy positions (stretching, anyone?) and stays there, I was nauseous about two months longer, I'm still super tired all of the time, etc. Could be much, much worse- no question. There have been a few positive things; I'm sleeping way better than I was with Jeffrey. Although, my hips may have me moving to the upright position somewhat soon, but I'm hoping to actually sleep some in my late weeks of pregnancy (not so much the case with Jeffrey). I'm also feeling really good overall (now) and super confident about the pregnancy and delivery.

For the next 16 weeks or so, I'll just keep stretching and maneuvering to relieve as much pain as possible and remembering that it's all a lesson about how each of my boys is/will be different.

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