Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Clear

Yesterday, I woke up early (an hour before I usually temp) and had to pee. I didn't realize that I should have temped before I got up before I was already back in bed. Can you believe that?!? I have a missing temp on a potentially crucial part of my cycle. I was/am so mad at myself. That situation made todays temp that much more exciting and, when entered into FF, those "lovely" crosshairs were cleared away. Yay! I've got tons of EWCM today, so I'm thinking that O is coming, and we'll have much better timing than if I had ovulated on CD 14. Speaking of which, you may notice an open space in the BD section of my chart for yesterday. Yup, we had a break in our marathon. I'd like to consider it like one of those days in the Tour De France (J is a cyclist) where they take a rest day and refill on carbs. Except it was completely opposite. We're both invovled in an organization that had it's first competition yesterday (Odyssey of the Mind, in case you've actually heard of it). Being pretty much the head honchos of our specific areas, we were run ragged up until late last night. We had to get to bed early because Mr. J had a triathlon this morning (only the cyclist part, though). We'll get back on track tonight, especially with the appearance of EWCM. 

Here's hoping for a spectacular temp rise in one of the next few days!

-CD 19

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