Thursday, March 12, 2009

the Rodeo= Labor and Delivery

If you're not from Houston, then you should know that we have this big (huge, actually) rodeo every year around this time. It's the world's richest Livestock Show and Rodeo. It donates millions to scholarship/student every year and what not. Despite all the good that it does, it's just a really fun time, too. I always try to go at least once a year. Yesterday, the performer was Reba Mcintire, so we decided on that one! It just so happened to be the same one my parents chose, as well. So, I went early with them, and J met us there after he got off of work. He missed the most amazing thing! This year, they had a special exhibit set up called the "Birthing Center" (i know- of all years). We walked through and looked at all the pregant cows, goats, and a longhorn, and then proceeded to the "i'm about to pop" animals. This is where we timed it so perfectly that I saw a cow give birth. At first, I was really unsure if I really wanted to watch it, but I did. It was so fast once it actually started, and it was AMAZING! It's a girl, and they named her Melissa. I took a picture for J (who, much to my surprise, was really jealous!) and, when he got there, we went to see her. She was walking around, nursing and playing. I thought how strange it would be if human babies did that so quickly after labor...

I saw SO many (people) babies and kids there that it was ridiculous. I kept hoping that I would be able to bring my own little baby there next year. Only a few more days until testing!

-CD 30: 9 DPO

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