Sunday, March 29, 2009

Craziest Weekend Ever

This weekend was ridiculously busy. Friday night and all day Saturday (until 1am Sunday, actually) consisted of J and I volunteering for an organization that we're both a part of. It's actually the organization that contributed to us getting married! We've both been involved for an insane amount of years, especially for our age, so we're kind of a big deal in terms of running the tournaments. It made me pretty nervous since nobody knows we're pregnant there yet, so I had to keep coming up with cunning excuses as to why I wasn't carrying the heavy box or the table by myself. The stress was enough for my poor body. I had some spotting (it was brown, so I'm assuming it was old blood.) midday on Saturday, and I got super stressed. So, I sat as much as I could the remainder of the day. Nothing since then, thank goodness. This morning involved a follow-up meeting to yesterday's activities, a nap (J mowed), doing our taxes, and then going to my parents for dinner!

We told my parents about the baby! They opened up the picture first and just thought it was a picture of us in our new house. They both looked so confused when they saw their bibs (they opened simultaneously) and then looked at me at the same time. My mom said "Are you?" and, when I said yes, she shrieked and came up and hugged me while my dad started crying. He eventually hugged me- no worries. They kept talking about it all the rest of the evening! My dad even asked what our name choices are already. I wasn't expecting that question for awhile!

It feels so wierd to have told them. It makes it sink in just a little bit more. Now, the countdown to telling the in-laws!

-5 weeks 5 days

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