Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm not so sure...

My temp this morning is freakishly high (for me, at least). I'm not sure how to take that. On one hand, I want to be really excited. My practical hand, though, wants me to remain reserved and is the hand that freaks out everytime I walk into the bathroom, which has been fairly frequently lately. At this moment, there still has been no spotting. I have passed up all but one of my previous cycles (LP, that is) which just so happens to be the wierd long one because of the stress of my colposcopy. Interesting. However, when I was temping, I thought it was taking way longer than usual, so I took took it out of my mouth to look and see if it was actually on (this has happened to me many times). It was, so I placed it right back into my mouth and then it beeped. 98.58!!! AND, it was at 5:50am, right before my normal time of 6am. The last three days, I'd been waking up around 4am. I guess time will tell...testing tomorrow (if AF really doesn't come)

-CD 34: 13 DPO
-testing tomorrow!

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