Friday, March 6, 2009

The Same Page

FF and I are finally in agreement on when I O'd- 3 days ago. They're beautiful solid crosshairs, too. We had good timing, and it seems to be a lucky month on GP! I'm hoping that gets passed on to me. It says that we'll be due on 11/24, if we're so lucky as to get pregnant this cycle. J has pretty much fallen in love with this idea. We always go to his family (about an hour away) for Thanksgiving and then go to mine on Friday. Well, neither of us are particular fans of his family's specialty foods. His logic is: if we're still pregnant on thanksgiving/just had the baby, we won't have to go to his family, and we'll just have Thanksgiving with mine (which is just about 3 minutes away from the hospital). I'm definitly okay with this plan. Now, we just have to see if our little baby is! 

In St. Patrick's Day news, we were at Target yesterday and saw the CUTEST little t-shirt that said "I'm a wee bit o' Irish" on it. So freaking adorable. We didn't buy it, though, in hopes that it would be too small by the time our wee one would wear it for their first St. Patrick's Day. I've decided to think positive this cycle. My body has shown no indication that there is a problem, so I'm going to go with that. 

-CD 24: 3 DPO

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