Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is for real!

Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble and got a few pregnancy books (your pregancy week by week, Belly Laughs, and the Belly Book), which was highly exciting for me. I got a thrill out of walking around with them in my hand with my big secret. I pre-ordered the new edition of Baby Bargains, too. It shouldn't come in for about a month which is great- it will prolong my researching of baby things long enough to where it's not insane. I know that as soon as I get it, it's off to start the registry I go. We got confirmation on what is covered by insurance which was some great news, as well. We shouldn't be paying more than $3,000 (and not even that)! We're pretty thrilled. Of course, J put my birth year in wrong, so we need to change that before my first appointment. Stupid boy thinks everyone was born in the same year as him. We also ordered some bibs to give to the grandparents as their "big reveal"! Busy little bees today. All that and I still went on my daily walk (3 days in a row- a big deal for me!)

Now, we're off to celebrate with a nice meal (that just no nicely worked out with the BFP) and feed baby it's first steak! Yum! We'll also be taking our first picture as Mommy and Daddy tonight to also give the parentals!

-4 weeks and 3 days

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