Friday, March 20, 2009

Some more pictures...

Here are my pregnancy books: 

I've already dived right into them. I've caught up in my weeks in "Your Pregnancy Week by Week", filled out everything up until 5 weeks, and am about halfway through "Belly Laughs." I'm thinking I might need to go get that other book pretty soon!

Here's the picture we took last night before heading out to our fancy dinner, which was great. We had so much fun talking about our new future and what we want for our baby while enjoying some great food. I'm so glad that we went before I start getting too sick. We decided that we're going to do nights like that at least a few more times before the baby arrives since it won't be quite as easy then. It'll still be pretty easy, mind you. We made a joke that we'd just have to call either grandma and they'd come running! We said it jokingly, but it's so true. This is also the picture we're going to frame and give the grandparents- their first picture of their upcoming grandchild!

And, I tested again this morning. Just to be sure. I had that extra test, so why not? J was with me this time and was pretty impressed with the technology of a pregnancy test (lol). I think it made it more real for him to see "pregnant" actually pop up. I'm excited to have another one laying around the house, especially since the other one stopped saying it. Rude.
(mind you it was early in the morning, and J hasn't been feeling too good).

-4 weeks 4 days!

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Mrs. P said...

I am sooooo beyond excited for you!!!! O and btw - your first appt. is 2 days before my birthday! lol congrats again!!