Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby "Callie"

Callie is the name that we have almost agreed on for our baby girl (should we get one). He loves it and gets a huge smile on his face whenever we talk about  it. I love the name, but I'm not 100% sold on it. Mostly, I'm just worried that it will be confusing if we have a Callie with my niece, whose name is Aly. But, for now, we're sticking with it. We've got plenty of time to change, if need be. 

Anyways, this whole conversation came about because I had my first baby dream the night before last. We had the most beautiful baby girl! She was so tiny (about 7lb-ish) and beautiful- looked just like her daddy. She even had the cutest red hair, but it was tied up in a little pony-tail on the very top of her head, so there was a little tiny "fountain". Very Who-like (as in The Grinch's Whos). In the dream, J wouldn't even put her down and refused to let anyone else hold her! He was so in love! It was a great dream, but it couldn't really progress because she didn't have a name! So, last night we went over our list of names again. The list is still pretty long, but at least there's a few top contenders now (including Callie). It was so easy for us to choose a boy name that I'm almost positive our first will be a girl, haha. J seemed to be pretty excited about that concept.

-CD 15: I had a huge drop today, so I'm wondering if it's a pre-O drop?

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