Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a Tease

I woke up this morning to a substantial temp drop (though not below the coverline) and some light pink spotting this morning. I think- she's here! Apparently, I wasn't excited enough because she still hasn't fully unpacked. I am starting to cramp up a bit, so that's a good sign. I can't even see my whole chart on FF because it's so long now. I think that proves that I need to start a new cycle. 

J and I met with our lender tonight and did all the necessary signing and handing over copies of our documents to get our loan all finalized and such! That's a nice relief. Only a few more things left on the checklist- get home insurance, get a quote that we want for the rehab work we're getting done, and submit said quote to our lendor. Otherwise, we're a go for the 24th. (Btw, we already have an inspection from a previous attempt to buy, so that's awesome. No worries- we didn't forget to have that done.)

-CD 52: 13 DPO- spotting
-I'm hoping that tomorrow is our first official day of our first cycle TTC!

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